Safety Policy

Aviation Safety & Security


Safety Policy

  • Prioritizing safety as the most critical element throughout the entire organization
  • To provide and manage appropriate resources and achieve a culture that fosters safe practices, encourages effective safety reporting and allows smooth interface with other management systems
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for each employee of NAC
  • Establish and operate effective hazard identification and risk management processes, including a reporting system to minimize safety hazards and risks
  • Adopt best safety practices and standards in order to comply with statutory obligations, international standards and PNG Civil Aviation rules
  • Ensure that facilities and systems employed by NAC to provide services and support our operations meet relevant safety performance standards
  • Continually improve our safety performance through management processes that ensure relevant and effective safety actions are taken
  • Communicate our safety management policy, objectives and requirements throughout the entire organization

To download a copy of the NAC Safety Policy, click here.

National Airports Corporation (NAC) is a provider of safe, secure, environmentally friendly, affordable and efficient civil aviation airport services. We are committed to providing a high level of safety within the civil aviation industry that we serve.

NAC’s policy is to meet and, wherever possible, exceed legislative and regulatory obligations to satisfy Government expectations, our customers and other third-party organizations. NAC meets such obligations by providing consistently high quality and cost-effective civil aviation services in a safe operating environment.