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Airport Operations Services

Airside Operations

Airside Operations is an important service governed under the Civil Aviation Rule Part 139, with significant responsibility for the safety and security of Aircrafts, Passengers, Air Operators and Personnel, operating within the vicinity of the airport.

The serviceability of the Aerodrome – Runways, Taxiways and associated safety areas including Navigational Aids at our airports are important Compliance Requirements to ensure the safety of air operations is maintained daily.

Responsibilities for airside operations include conducting regular inspections and maintenance and audits is a key aspect of ensuring the safety of airside operations. All Airside areas need to be periodically checked to ensure they are serviceable and available for use which include:

  1. Conduct general and special ground serviceability inspections for Runways, Taxiways and the Aprons.
  2. Implement general ground maintenance works including painting, drain cleaning, pot hole patching, grass cutting, airside rubbish collection, weed killing, apron sweeping, apron wash downs, Foreign Object Debris (FOD) walks, minor perimeter fence repairs etc.,
  3. Support policing of the Safety Management System at the airport.
  4. Implement the coordination of reports in relation to airside incidents, accidents or emergencies.
  5. Support establishment of command and control in the event an emergency at the airport.
  6. Supervise internal/external contractors on the airfield to ensure all works are conducted safely and does not affect the overall aircraft operations.
  7. Provide safety escorts to the airside for companies and contractors requiring airside access.
  8. Coordinate the management of wildlife hazards at the airport, primary focus is to reduce the risk of bird strike to aircraft.
  9. Maintains operational standards and procedures for the operation of vehicular equipment’s operating at the airside.
  10. Ensures the safe movement of passengers, aircrafts and vehicular traffic airside in relation to safe movement at the airport.
  11. Coordinate general processing for Testing & Assessment for all Airside Driving Permitting.
  12. Coordinate general processing for all Airside Vehicle Permitting.
  13. Conduct Safety Induction for external contractors.
  14. Coordinate Spill Management processing and control.
  15. Support management of FOD within all airside movement areas.
  16. Facilitate general Bay and GSE marking planning.
  17. Coordinate Crane Operations processing under regulatory requirements.
  18. Ramp Safety Management.
  19. Airport Joint Safety Forum – Committee Group.
  20. General FOD Management Control
  21. Implement awareness through safety alerts and general standard safety requirements.
  22. Coordinate and develop working relationships with public authorities involving health & safety matters regarding environmental issues.
  23. Implement Airport Wildlife Management Plan
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Terminal Services & Facilities

Our Terminal Facilities in our 22 airports

At NAC, we strive to provide the state-of-the-art terminal facilities for our stakeholders which include:

  • Terminal buildings
  • Carparks
  • 24/7 Security and CCTV surveillance
  • Flight Information Display Screens
  • Food kiosks
  • Toilet facilities
  • Banking and ATM facilities
  • Office space
  • Other recreational areas