Information Communications & Technology Services

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Information Communications & Technology Services

Our ICT team provide the following ICT Services to NAC staff and other stakeholders within our coverage of 22 airports.

Networks & Communications
  • CCTV
  • Wireless
  • IP PBX
  • Data Centre
  • Access Control
  • Cabling
  • Provide support to Airport Management Systems
  • CUG
Business Systems & Applications
  • Business Systems Servers
  • Email Systems
  • Business Software & Applications
  • Manage Backup, Storage, and Restore Business Data
  • Access Control
  • Printers
IT Helpdesk
  • Manage Helpdesk System
  • ICT Office Administration
  • Customer Service
  • ICT Procurement, Inventory, and Audit
  • Manage CUG and Mobile Services
  • First level support
Systems Hardware
  • Manage hardware, the configuration of Software applications and Maintenance on Desktop/Laptop PC
  • Procurement of Desktop and laptop PC
  • Provide First Level Support to other ICT Section
Airport Management Systems (AMS)

The airport systems team coordinates with airlines and stakeholders and provides support for seven airport systems that NAC has implemented through the Information Technology business unit here at Port Moresby International Airport (PMIA). These systems include;

  • vMUSE – A common use passenger processing system used by airlines to process their passengers.
  • AirVue – Flights Information Display System (FIDS) for showing flight details for all incoming and outgoing flights.
  • Veripax – Passenger reconciliation system for passenger count.
  • AirPlan – AirPlan is used for managing airport resources and for updating flight status.
  • AirDB – This is the main database for the airport systems. It is also used for flights update by AOCC.
  • BRS – Baggage Reconciliation System is used for keeping track of all luggage from the check-in counter to the aircraft.
  • L-DCS – Local departure control system is used as a backup check – in system for the airlines in the event of their own system outage.