Message from the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer



Welcome and thank you for visiting the National Airports Corporation website.

NAC’s redesigned website is a reflection of our smart airport initiative. It aims at modernizing our facilities and services to ensure you have a smooth time travelling throughout our 22 airports and using our services.

NAC has come a long way to be what it is today, managing and operating all of PNG’s 22 national airports. NAC traced its history back to then Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) days until its formation in 2009. We are proud to be at the forefront of delivering safe and secure airports, and seamless passenger experience to our customers, and stakeholders which are our core values.

Running and managing an aviation business is challenging given the strict compliance to ICAO and CASA PNG regulations. NAC has strived to meet all the requirements to keep all 22 airports in operation. This has enabled us to contribute to socio-economic development of our country by facilitating seamless flow of people, goods and services through our airports.

Under the CADIP program co-funded by the Government of PNG (GoPNG) and the Asian Development (ADB), NAC is making significant contributions to major airport development projects in our country. Since 2009, CADIP program has ensured that all our airports have state of the art facilities, including terminal buildings and runway extensions, meeting our core function to provide safe and secure airports.

We celebrated the successful completion of CADIP 1 Project in November 2021, and are now looking forward to CADIP 2 in 2023, with more focus on improving our airport business opportunities.

In 2020, GoPNG, JICA and NAC signed an agreement to redevelop Nadzab Airport, with completion anticipated in 2023. This is another iconic impact project that NAC is managing through our JICA PMU team. This will be another milestone achievement once completed as it will complement Port Moresby as an alternative international destination to cater for increasing travel, tourism and trade demands in the Momase and Highlands regions.

COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise for us as we realign our strategic needs to building a sustainable airport business model for our future. Despite the financial challenges posed to our business activities, we are shifting our business focus towards the landside, driving sustainable airport business continuity through our new business model “ transforming our airports from point of transit to destination”. This will enable NAC to utilize its aerodrome land to build a sustainable airport business that drives growth and development in our airports, making our airports a one-stop place for everyone.

Our national gateway to overseas destinations, Port Moresby (Jackson’s) International Airport is our national flagship airport and with COVID-19 coming to an end soon, our international flights will be increasing and we are ready to work closely with our partners to welcome more people to our shores.

Our relationship with our key development partners and stakeholders, including GoPNG, JICA, ADB, provincial governments, and our investment partners and clients is growing strong as we drive change in our airports.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit to one of our 22 airports in Papua New Guinea.

If you are not sure of anything, please do check our website for more updates or check with our friendly customer service and aviation security officers for any help you may need.

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Yours in the aviation industry,

National Airports Corporation