Stakeholder Engagement & Partnerships

Stakeholder Engagement & Partnerships

NAC is working closely with different key stakeholders and partners for airport development initiatives. Under our stakeholder engagement and partnership, we have developed a good working relationship with key partners and stakeholders include:

  • Government of PNG and its departments
  • Provincial governments
  • Our disciplinary forces , especially RPNGC and PNGDF
  • Asian Development Bank
  • JICA
  • Airline operators
  • Tourism Promotion Authority
  • Educational Institutions
  • Business Investors
  • Our service providers and contractors

We encourage stakeholders to engage and partner with us for a genuine benefit to all parties. Stakeholders can engage and partner with us on these business opportunities not limited to advertising, retail leasing, filming and photography, aviation services and charges, ground transport operator, freight and property management.

Under initiative, we have signed a number of MOUs with the Fly River Provincial Government, with the PNG Defense Force for Vanimo Airport, and recently Port Moresby Technical College. We’ve developed a good working relation with our disciplinary forces, providing security in all our airports to make sure our airports are safe and secure for all.

NAC is looking forward to such engage with other key stakeholders for mutual benefit in the aviation sector and other community development engagements.